5 Interior Paint Colors That Are Hot

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For better or worse, the color of your walls makes a big impact on the style and feel of your home. Luckily, it's a pretty easy fix. So when last year's "greige" that was all the rage suddenly feels dated, change it up! We've done our research and found the hottest new colors and current trends for your interior walls.

All the Blues
 • Shades: pale, bright, blue-green, sapphire, deep blue
 • Where to put it: anywhere and everywhere!
 • Pair it with whatever your style dictates, from casual to luxurious

Shades of Green
 • Shades: sage, blue-green, earthy, emerald
 • Where to put it: living and dining areas, bedrooms
 • Pair it with décor that is beach, lake or farmhouse-inspired with gold/yellow accents

Neutral Pink
 • Shades: light, neutral, beigey, blush pink with peach undertones
 • Where to put it: bedrooms and living areas
 • Pair it with décor that is light in weight and color, greenery, floral items and patterns, with modern and vintage touches

Statement Red
 • Shades: bold, red-carpet, wine and berry reds
 • Where to put it: large rooms and accent walls
 • Pair it with gold, rich and elegant fabrics and décor

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