10 Must-See Murals in Cincinnati


10 Must-See Murals in Cincinnati

Take a walking tour of the amazing street art that decorates downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Since 2007, ArtWorks Cincinnati has created more than 100 public murals throughout the city of Cincinnati and its neighbors. The public artworks span neighborhoods (and even states!), connect with viewers on the street and say a lot about the culture of art within the city. These ten murals, all within walking distance of each other, are just a small example of the immense work. ArtWorks also offers two guided walking tours: Soul of Downtown and Spirit of OTR.

Fresh Harvest


Fittingly adorned on the side of the corporate headquarters of the Kroger supermarket chain, this mural uses dramatic lighting to give the "3D" effect of falling out of the frame and onto the street below. Designed by Jonathan Queen, located at 1014 Vine St.

What's Happening Downtown


Echoing the flurry of activity that can be found downtown, downtown residents are shown peering out their windows and glancing at what's going on. Designed by Ted Hendricks, located at 1005 Walnut St.

Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat


Local icon and former politician, Jim Tarbell, is shown tipping his hat and welcoming visitors to Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. In this piece, Tarbell is actually dressed as "Peanut" Jim Shelton – an iconic peanut vendor who could often be seen donning a tuxedo in front of Reds games at Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium. Designed by Tim Parsley, located at 1109 Vine St.

Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon


In this mural, the last passenger pigeon, Martha, is seen flying over the Cincinnati Zoo. A reproduction of a painting by John A. Ruthven, the piece is meant to convey the fragile balance of species extinction and the importance of conservation. Designed by John A. Ruthven, located at 15 E. Eight St.

Homecoming (Blue Birds)


Based off of the original "Homecoming (Blue Birds)" painting by renowned Cincinnati artist Charley Harper, this mural's style may be among the most familiar in the Queen City. Designed by Charley Harper, located at 119 E. Court St.

The Singing Mural


Designed as a nod to the city's arts and entertainment history, this mural depicts local and cultural icons in a chorus. Designed by C.F. Payne, located at 1223 Central Parkway.

The Cobbler's Apprentice Plays Ball


Based off of Frank Duveneck's "The Cobbler's Apprentice," ArtWorks gave this mural a twist by adding a baseball bat to the cobbler's hands, paying homage to the nearby Great American Ball Park. Designed by Tim Parsley, located at 120 E. Freedom Way.

Tom Wesselmann, Still Life #60


This piece was completed in the summer of 2014 and based off work by yet another of Cincinnati's painting masters. Designed by Tom Wesselmann, located at 811 Main St.

Cincinnati's Table


Plastered on the side of the famous Jean-Robert's Table restaurant, this surrealist mural was inspired by Dutch still lifes. Designed by Scott Donaldson, located at 713 Vine St.

Ice Cream Daydream


A mural consisting of color and energy, this piece can be found in the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood starkly contrasting with the plain brick walls above it. Designed by Amanda Checco, located at 33 E. 12th St.



Written by Ronny Salerno

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